We help experts get clients with organic video marketing campaigns on Facebook.
Launch your next video marketing campaign in 14 days or less.
1. We start and grow your community with a talk show.
We will help you ideate and launch your own talk show exclusive to your community with an hour a week.
2. We create all your Facebook Reels.
We help you script, film, edit and publish you next 30 - 40+ short-form videos in 2 hours or less.
3. We help you document your journey with ease using videos, images and text on your stories and feed
We will show how to document your journey daily to nurture your audience with just 10 minutes a day.
How does this work?
Our goal is simple. Bring more awareness around what you do, why you do it and how you do it by leveraging video marketing on Facebook.
Go through our onboarding process which should take you about 10 minutest to complete.
We will all the creative direction and film all the videos for your campaigns with just two hours of your time.
You will launch your campaign in 14 days or less and start bringing more awareness around what you do, why you do it and how you do it
 Can this be done virtually?
Yes. Everything we do is done virtually in the comfort of your home or office.
 Do I need a camera?
No an iPhone, Android or Webcam works fine.
 How much is this?
Our packages range from $5,000 - $35,000.
More content. More awareness. More opportunities to get paid.
Are you ready to get sh*t done so you can reach more people with your message and help more people get the transformation they need.